As an Army Wife

Relayed on Instant Messenger: During my husband's deployment

"Michael& Sara: not sure what happened...but I did have to take a lego bucket off Carolyn's head...she wanted to walk around with it on her head, but told the kids they were not allowed to walk around with buckets on their heads..."


"My Husband: was wondering ifens she was hungry

Michael & Sara: oh..funny thing...speaking of that, she'll start chewing on stuff when she's one time it was her time Raylene's cell...and one time something else, but I cannot recall what...usually if she starts chewing on something else, she's hungry"


A while back, while I was making dinner, my son asked me where we got his little sister from. I stood still for a second, and let him continue to ask his questions.

"Did you put her in your mouth," he asked.
"No," I replied with a hint of laughter in my answer.
"Where'd she come from?"

My four year old son was asking "that" questions. Hmmm, how was I going to answer him?

"Well," I started. "When a mommy and daddy love each other-"
"God gives them a baby!" he said excitedly.
I released a sigh of relief. "Yup, God gives you a baby"

OH, the sweet words of that little boy. He's really something else. I love him dearly and even the akward questions.


I bought our son a flute the other day. I told him that he was not allowed to play it in the car.

"I can play quiet mom," he so innocently informed me.

I didn't respond. Then my father and I heard a low hum coming from the back seat. Then a little louder.

"Grey," I said. "What did mommy say?"

"Not to play it in the car," he answered sweetly.

I smiled. He is so adorable!

I was talking to my father the other day about my plans of taking our children to the beach. I decided to put in practice the old spelling language technique that my parents used around my brother and me when we were little.

"B.E.A.C.H" I spelled out to my father.

An of course, our son sitting next to him said, "The beach."

He didn't freak out or act surpise. He was so calm as if he was keenly aware of what I was spelling and that there was no cause for alarm.


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