I Want to be a Mom

PBS is great television for children. They have a regular snippet during cartoons where they will have different adults talking about their various professions. One woman spoke about being a scientist, another a doctor and this particular morning, a gentleman was speaking about being a firefighter. At the end of the snippet the adult would ask, "what do you want to be?" I was busy readying our kindergartner for school that morning, finishing putting the last flower clip into her hair when she then turned to me and said, “I want to be a mom”.

What was my first reaction? I told her sweetly, “you can be a mom and something else if you want to.”

She gave me a kiss.

Then it hit me, as a mother I must being doing something right. My daughter is looking at me, believing that this job is better than any other. What if she just wants to be a mom? Is this so bad? I am positive that she will venture into some other career form or another, but what is so wrong with having motherhood as a job and that being your number one job? I love being a mother, and I know that my daughter sees my love for this job. Sure, she sees mom frazzled and frustrated. She sees mom must discipline her and that her sometimes repetitive speech gets under my skin, but overall, I must be doing something right as a mother. We have to remember as moms and dads that our job is huge and amazing. We are good enough for our children as we are; they need our love and devotion more than to care about our chosen profession. My children do not care if I am a professional counselor or not, they care that I am there mom. They care that they have a mom and this is exactly what I want to be as they grow up.


Sarah Janisse said…
Awwwww-that is so beautiful!
What a great mom paper plate moment!
Thank you for sharing.
My whole life as long as I can remember,
That is what I wanted was to be a mom.
God blessed me with my husband and our daughter.
Now I love to mom everyone. I guess, that is why I like to be
Called momma bear by everyone <3
Love you <3
Sara said…
I can see how you were meant to be a mom. Keep it up Mama Bear!!!!

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