Why the 5 things?

When I made the decision to become a counselor, I had no idea how much this was going to change my life. Truth be told, I am far from a perfect individual (weird, I know) and those experiences in my life have truly taught me to be humble and to extend grace whenever I can. Sure, GRACE can be a difficult thing to give someone especially when we believe that they simply do not deserve it. The first thing many of us do is unconsciously judge. I admit, even I have done this, but now I fight to make sure that I keep myself in check. 

Everyone has a story, even that guy who is a big jerk really  or that girl who wears too tight of clothing. There is something behind everyone’s eyes that has created who they are and brought them down the path they have traveled. I am not saying there is not pure evil in this world, but there are so many things missing in this world that I believe God intended for us. Part of the missing piece is the sense of community. God intended us to be interactive, to join together, to lift each other up as opposed to bringing each other down. “5 Things” aims to break stereotypes and give individuals a glimpse into someone else’s world even if for only 10 or so minutes.

I have learned that there are individuals who come into your life and change it beyond your wildest comprehension. I am still working to grasp the ways that I have been educated and changed just by being married to a man that I believe many women would have walked away from by now. I mean sure, he didn't want to be married to anyone else but me, but when you have a partner who struggles with their own demons while you feel helpless to change things or survive in their world, grace seems like a foreign concept.

Please join me as we take an adventure, as counselors, life coaches and pastors share what life has been like for them. Join me as we hear from those who struggle with addiction and by the grace of God, can be here to share with us.


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