"5 Things" Begins!!!!!

My mother in the green who has Frontal Temporal Degenerative Dementia
So here it is, the time to begin our series on "5 Things"


Since my husband was deployed quite a few years ago now, I started a blog to detail life for him and our family back home. I have decided that I'm going to start it back up again and I'd like to run a series that I'm hoping you all can help me with. It's called 5 things. Why the number 5, divine inspiration I suppose. I got into counseling because I believe that everybody deserves a chance and that everybody has a story and a purpose in this world. I am hoping to get a chance to interview each of you especially over the next 16 weeks (as good Lord willing), I finish up my internship.I believe each of you has something to share that can be insightful to others and will hopefully inspire and break stigmas. The idea (example)...Sarah: share 5 things about life coaching, Thomas: 5 things about addiction on a video format that last no more than 10 minutes....I thank you all ahead of time for being part of this exploration.

Some Guest that I would like to welcome:

My Sweetie: Michael a Veteran "5 Things" From a Veteran's Perspective
Toni: Dear Friend "5 Things" From a Mother whose Child has walk away from faith and family
Pastor Greg Chandler "5 Things" From the former prisoner Perspective
Megan: Fellow Intern "5 Things" about betrayal trauma
Amanda: Dear Friend "5 Things about being a homeschooling Mother
Sarah (Mama Bear): Fellow Community Recovery Soldier"5 Things" from the perspective of a life coach
Thomas: Fellow Community Recovery Warrior "5 Things" from a former addicts perspective
Cousin Sheri: Dear Family Member "5 Things" from the perspective of a mother who lost a child via miscarriage
AND more individuals that I did not mention Yet


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