I Urge You to Be Broken

Be Broken. So this may make the least amount of sense. This was something that I hadn’t thought much of until the past week while attending one of my graduate classes. I sincerely open up to you and urge you to be broken.  What does this mean? What am I really asking of you? All of us are broken individuals whether it is a constant battle with depression and anxiety, reeling and dealing with the reality of a broken marriage, fighting to understand our broken heart, or trying to feel whole after abuse. You are beautiful and a priceless piece of work. I want you to know that there is something beautiful in your suffering, and that beauty may go unnoticed if you do not take time to feel and to deal.
“It hurts” you say.
“I know” I say to you with compassion as I truly do understand what I am asking of you.
Some of us just cannot take one more thing going wrong in our life or stand the heaviness in our chest as we think about what we have lost or will be loosing. There is no fun, feeling sadness. Dealing with anxiety, depression or any other unnamed disorder may leave us feeling weak or foolish. Often times we feel ashamed and our brokenness again goes by the wayside.  
Suffering= meaning

No, I did not come up with this on my own; it was something that I had to learn and still find myself wrestling with. I have felt filled with despair, wishing, “if only I could just sit here and cry”. My lack of understanding controls me on more days than I can count. Some of us feel we are not broken enough, some feel their brokenness too much as find ways to suppress it, some are in brokenness denial, and some feel ashamed by their brokenness. But I say again that we are all broken just as we are all sinners. We all fall short of the glory of God. If you need help to get through your pain, please taken that help. I urge you too feel what you need to feel in order to make it to the other side. I urge you to reach out for this does not make you foolish, you are strong. I understand it is difficult. I understand that this may be the opposing thing to do in your culture. I understand that I am asking you to possibly open wounds that you thought were healed and have even acquired new skin. I am by no means an expert, but I am your equal with my own trials, weakness, and doubts. I am coming beside you because if you have never heard that it is okay. It is okay that you are not perfect. Even the most honorable of individuals can struggle. It is okay that you are broken and I extend you grace just as grace has been extended to me. 


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