Hooray for the Wild Child

Let me begin by saying, hokey Pete, I am exhausted.  Being the mother of 4 children is definitely no walk in the park, but it is surely worth it. I suppose I should say that from the start before I get into the hectic happenings that make up my life on a daily basis. Even as I write this post now, I have a three year old beauty rummaging through my make-up bag, happily applying eye shadow to my face and then requesting I do the same to hers. Sigh…that is our 3 year old little lady; she is a ball of energy who pretty much rebuffs any idea of nap time or sitting down at the table to eat.  

In deep breath…out deep sigh.

When it comes to our little Rekker, as we have nicknamed her, my husband and I are pretty much laughing and pulling out our hair at the same time. Our first two children were very laid back, our 4th child is even a laid back little girl who goes with the flow, but Rekker is a power all on her own. My pregnancy with little Miss Rekker was a tough one; it was one of those pregnancy that absolutely made me never want to be pregnant again. I had pre-eclampsia and swelled up like a balloon and to make matters worse, I had to be induced (I never had to be induced; my children would slid out in mere hours). She was a tiny (4 lbs 8 oz) little bundle of joy who had colic and gerd (I mean she had spit up that would make an exorcists run for cover).  Our wild child. If you take what she has, she’ll scream. If you think you’re going to get her to move where she doesn’t want to, she’ll scream. However, on the flip side, Rekker was the youngest potty trained child, and is already well versed in making her own chocolate milk (cup, syrup, and a gallon of milk). As much as she absolutely drives us nuts, she is a beauty. She is smart and funny. She helps her daddy outside with the garden and chickens and is ready to help with nearly every little thing that she can. Sure, sometimes the best help she could provide would be to not help at all, but Rekker has a kind heart. She is our outside little girl who would rather stay outside barefoot, chasing chickens and digging in the dirt than be inside eating ice cream. Rekker is the little girl who rushes into the house to make sure her mama is okay after hearing the sirens of an ambulance zoom down the road because she is smart enough to know what they mean.  

What I have learned from our little Rekker is that parents can be the greatest parents EVER! I mean they can discipline when they should and hug when they should. Parents can do right by all of their children, but there can still be that one child who "terrors" through the house. There can still be a child who screams and pouts when they do not get their way in the store, but that doesn’t mean the parents are not good parents. Out little Rekker wins over nearly every heart that she encounters, but never fails to exhaust our ears with her screeches or barrage of questions (which she often repeats over and over and over).

Right now, I am getting ready to kiss the head of our little Rekker who “bonked her head”. The little girl who makes me more exhausted than the other 3 children in our house combined just wrapped her arms around my neck with love, and gave me a kiss.

God has a sense of humor with the “wild” child.


Amy Linton said…
So true! You can do everything right but you can't change the little person they are. That feistiness will more than likely turn into more perseverance and help her accomplish great things and see them to the end!
Sara said…
she is someone special...of course we think that of all of our children. That is the great thing about parenting, you are able to see their personalities. Rekker is just a one of a kind.

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