Busy Bee

It has been a while since I was able to take some time and write down my latest thoughts and feelings about the dream I am living in. It may seem like I am saying that sarcastically, and I suppose partly I am, but I am living in some sort of dream. I am married to a wonderful man, believe me, it wasn't always that way, but my marriage is possibly the strongest it has been over the 10 years we've been married. The heartache, dealing with the every day stressors can be a bit much sometimes. I decided to continue with my schooling, and have begun my latest classes for my master's degree. Along with that, I am continuing my medical and mental health appointments from the repercussions of the auto accident back in October of 2015. Add housework, four children, and my mother to the mix, and sometimes I feel like I am living in the twilight zone. I especially feel this way when things seem to pile up in a "seriously, this is happening" sort of manner. Just yesterday, I advised my mother that she could begin cutting on her quilt material since she just got a new cutting tool for her birthday. I made the mistake of telling her that the material was under her bed. Oops! I made it into the dining room to find her cutting up clothing I had been setting aside for our 3 and near 1 year old daughter from their older sister. Admittedly, it was a tough moment for me. The clothing wasn't the serious part, but the point of my mother's cognitive processes dwindling more and more every day was. I mean really, how is one supposed to handle this sort of thing? Then, to top it off, our near teenage son decided to skimp on his chores and leave dishes dirty...Yuck! So I had to throw away lunch and dinner because his teenage brain told him, "yup, this must be good enough." Again, I mean seriously, it is like one thing after another sometimes.

On a positive note, my husband and I have been putting some time into gardening. The past weekend was spending planting and creating pallet wood trellis for various plants in the vegetable garden. I plan on posting the various stages on the pallet wood trellises and whether we found them to be successful or not. Also, I have begun to nail down many of the details of our vow renewal ceremony that is coming at the end of the month. I cannot wait to post this stuff as well as we are having our older two children aid in running the ceremony. I am so excited for this as my husband and I were married in the courthouse in Abilene, Ks. due to my husband's military station.

To come this weekend, my husband will be building a container garden up near the house so that he can judge the success rate of a raised bed garden and give my mother an opportunity to hopefully grown some of her own produce. This will give her a chance to grow and garden as she once loved to do, and to give her a chance to be outside in the warm weather. She has been given the task of watering our flowers out back of the house, but I recently wonder if our poor plant will end up being drowned since I just noticed that she was heading outside for another dose of water for the plants. This may make up round number 3. All well, I bet the plants are very happy.


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