Little Miss M

So little Miss M is just that...little. I mean she is of the teeny tiny variety and we are working towards figuring out why that is. So far she has been listed as medically, "failure to thrive", which is a medical term that covers the inability to gain weight or one who looses too much weight. Among other issues, she has a propensity to turn blue whether it be 40 degrees or 80 degrees inside, outside or all around. Another cause for slight concern is that she is not developing where she should be for a near ten month old baby.

Please don't get me wrong, she is beautifully and wonderfully perfect. We love her more than words could ever express, but as a parent you start to get a slight concern when your baby doesn't follow the normal growth curve of all the other babies around and to boot, turns blue. True, we are use to small babies. Our last baby was an IUGR baby (Interuterine Growth Restricted) due to my pre E, so she came home at 4 # 3 oz. Today she is a 29 lb three year old who is full of piss and vinegar most days. Miss M. herself was 5# 12 oz, our biggest baby girl out of three, but still small in comparison.

Point is, I would like some answers, and I know that I will get them. This may mean that our tiny little girl is just that, tiny. So far, the biggest flag is her zinc level, which is low, but still no major cause for concern. In a few weeks we will be double checking to make sure her heart and circulatory system is working the way that it should be. Part of me wants them to find something just so things make sense and fit in a neat package. However, the other half, the part that adores our daughter, wants absolutely nothing to be wrong. I think this is honestly where we will land because the Lord is great and mighty. Moreover, we have faith that all things will work out for good, no matter what the findings are. Still, the next few weeks are going to put me on edge as I go from one extreme to the other, "my baby is great, she is fine...what is wrong with my baby?"


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