Husbands and Fathers

Husbands and fathers are gems that are often left buried in a treasure box. Truth is, husbands and fathers are very important to the family composition. I am not saying that mothers are not the entities that often make the world go round. Pluck me out of my household and many things would remain undone. There are  a plethora of mothers (single or married) who are doing an amazing job raising their children to be strong, independent people who are productive members of society. That aside, I want to touch on what is the magic of husbands and fathers.

My husband, an Army veteran, is an honorable man. No, he is not perfect by any means, there are things that he does that would drive any wife nuts. However, Twelve years ago, because he loved me, he became father to my son (now and forever, our son). Throughout our near ten years of marriage, deployments and our own schooling, we have had three girls together. The littlest one, in the picture above, was our surprise baby. We thought we were done having children, even took the surgical precautions to insure this. God had other plans, and my husband's response to adding another child into our world, "bring it on". I was falling apart, and my husband was there to pick up the pieces.

When my 55 year old mother began showing symptoms of a serious issue, he was the one who suggested that she come live with us. Who does that? What man in his right mind would add a seventh person to an already busy home, on one income no less? When I was sick in bed, barely able to stay awake, he took my mother to her neurological appointment, and acted on her behalf. We learned at that appointment that my mother has Frontal Temporal Dementia, and my husband's response to me when I sob uncontrollably, "whatever you need."

When our children are hurting, he is hurting. When our three year old fell off the steps and busted open her lip, he took charge and cleaned her up. Watching my husband, my lover, and best friend calm the fears of our sweet little girl made me feel breathless. He is able to calm our children like I cannot do. He is the perfect mix of tenderness and strength. We ventured to the ER in my car, but my husband couldn't remain at home and traveled to the hospital too. This meant loading up our other children and my mother into his truck. He said on the phone, while we waited in the waiting room, "I know that this is not too serious, but I couldn't remain at home while my baby was hurting."

My husband and my children's father remains a significant part of our family. I am blown away by his connection to his children, his increasing faith, and how lucky I am that he picked me to be his wife.


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