Dementia, an open letter

Dear Dementia,

Thank you for gracing us with your presence over the last few years. You have come when we least expected it, and always seem to give us so many surprises. I do have a few things that I would like to talk to you about. I am having a slight issue with you hanging around. I do not remember asking for you to come in the first place, and now that you are here, you seem to linger far beyond anyone's desires. Least of all, my mother's desire. She knows that something is not right inside her brain, and I think it's rude that you mess with her thoughts and emotions, causing her to fear her own worldly outlook. You are a jerk. Let's all face it, the issues she is having are all your fault, and the intense anger many of us feel inside is also your fault.

However, despite all your efforts, this family is remaining strong. With the help of the Lord, our family appears to be thriving despite all the pitfalls that you have created. We have managed to fit seven people into our home, and will continue to do so as long as the Lord creates the ability. My husband is a hard working, loving, God fearing man who has taken on a responsibility that he never dreamed of taking on. Our older 2 children, despite their adolescent faults, have a unique view of the world. How many children will learn the love and responsibility that they will be learning, helping family the way it was intended to be? This is my duty as a daughter, and I take joy and pride in this. This is my mother's God given right, to have her children take care of her, and we do.

Yes, you thief, no thanks to you, I am learning that life is fragile. I am learning that you cannot take advantage of the one's you love. Sure, my mother is around on a daily basis, but she is not my mother. She is not the woman that I knew growing up, and that makes me so angry. What the hell were you thinking, choosing her? What is your problem? You are lucky that I have the Lord to turn to, or you could be tearing me apart more than you already are. I am broken hearted, but I am strong. You were unexpected and unwanted, but we will work through this. I still wish you'd just go away, but let's face it, you're not going anywhere.

Until our next correspondence,

A determined daughter


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