Why We Are Here

What you are able to read on this particular blog is the work it takes to finish a master's degree. As many of my friends and family may know, I am working on my master's in professional counseling at Liberty University online. All while doing this, I am a wife and mother with many responsibilities. In my short life I have lived through parent's divorce, my own divorce, my marriage to a military man and the love of my life, blended family life, births, moving, depression, self doubt and resentment because of my choices, deployments, and long separations and sacrifices and above all, forgiveness. I want to share my life with others so as to inspire. The woman I have turned into is in part due to my faith and my family. It has been nearly two years since my husband and I have be reunited and it is as if we are newlyweds, working our way around each other and we've been married 7 years, together for longer. I am not ashamed of my life and have no apprehensions about sharing my outlook on life, struggles, and how I was able to overcome the difficulties throughout my life thus far.


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