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So the first week of my latest classes is about to come to an end. Today I will complete 2 quizzes to round off my first week of Human Growth and Development and Issues and Ethics in the Helping Profession. WOW!!! I am in for a lot of work. While the joy of taking online classes far out weighs the stress of the work load, it does nothing to help with the load of dishes piling up in my kitchen. Thankfully I have an understanding husband who knows how much work this degree is going to take.

"If it's what you really want to do," he says. Thank the Lord!

With reading, watching presentations, quizzes, discussion boards and various writing assignments, I leave little room for housework or friends and other activities. I do not totally mind though, I am so excited to be putting in the work towards my masters degree. I feel a real sense of accomplishment when I finish a class. Besides, I get to tease my husband that he's married to a college chick.

Week 2 of classes brings:

  An that does not begin to touch the work I must complete for the subsequent weeks and writing assignments. No complaints here though, I love a challenge...I think.

Corey et al.: chs. 3–4
1 presentation
2 websites
DB Forum 2
Quiz 2

Feldman: chs. 4–6
 8 presentations
Quiz 2 (chs. 4–6)
Research Paper: Topic
DB Forum – Shaken Baby Syndrome


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