Where Have the Years Gone

Snoopy Rock in Sedona, AZ

It has been 2 years, 5 months, 23 days since my husband has been Honorable discharged from the Army. Where has the time gone, it seem like just yesterday that I saw him in his "Pickle Suit" (his words, not mine). I am nearing the end of my Bachelor's degree school work and recently found a great place that I am hoping to get in to for my internship, Army Strong Community Center. Currently I am studying PTSD and combat training, which means that I am going through a lot of information on military family and life. Along with a military event through my work, I am brought right back into that mind set, if I dare say I ever lost it.

The last few months has been rather hectic. The husband return from Arizona, where he spent 17 months in school. The last four months has been a challenge to say the least. In November Michael was in a motorcycle accident (Miracle) and survived then on his way home he was in another accident (another miracle) with his 78' pick-up truck and our RV (don't get me started on this situation). All in all he was able to get a job, which unfortunaly puts him out of the house quite often and all around the state, but such is life. We are now struggling to find the balance between home life, work life, and school life for myself and our two beautiful children. I am hoping to chronicle my life as a wife, mother, and student. I am just about done with my last two courses before the big "internship" and then degree. Thereafter, another several years before I earn my masters degree then a few more until I reach my Ph D. stay tuned....


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