Have you ever noticed how places conjure up feelings? I have to go pick up my father-in-law from the airport, so that he can help us move our belongings up north. Alright, small details...moving on. I think of the airport, MCI there in Kansas City, three hours from our first home together. I remember those feelings of elation as I drove three hours to pick my sweet husband up from the airport when he came home on mid-tour...I think of wearing those heels and demi skirts, sitting in those swooped seats waiting for his plane to come in. The only time I've been to that airport, I've been with Michael. I think of leaving him at that airport, watching as he boarded a plane, which would take him from me...far from me, to a place that I could only make real through his pictures and words. There are so many things around Kansas that have touched me in that very same way. I'm looking forward to the new memories, but I feel as if I am in mourning for the old memories. There have been so many first here in the big state of's been wonderful...kinda makes me wonder: "How do you say good-bye to a whole state?" and "Why does it seems so hard to start this new chapter in my life?"


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