Half and Half :Ten things I will Miss or Not Miss about Kansas

1. Friends...all the wonderful people we have come in contact with...WOW!
                Joe and Raylene you're at the top of the list
2. The warm weather...longer riding seasons
3. Our first home together...the memories that we share in it...our first years of marriage
4. The polite people...they wave at you in their vehicles. Kansas folks really are nice people
5. I-70...for those of you in Michigan...this interstate is nothing like those in Michigan...folks in Michigan are really not the nicest drivers...they crowd around you and drive like nuts. I like I-70.

6. I will not miss Kansas allergies...they get worse each year
7. I will not miss having to drive to what seems opposite ends of the state to get to things.
8. I will not miss driving and spend our vacation time going back home. Though I love being with our family...I would love to have a real vacation...some place like Hawaii.
9. I will not miss Kansas winters...cold and boring...there's no snow to do anything in...it's rediculous
10. I will not miss the lack of trees...I like trees...oh...and Kansas wind...there's a reason why Dorthy was from Kansas



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