The Count Down

So, the time is coming upon us...our seperation from the military. HOW TERRIFYINGLY WONDERFUL!!!
There a sense of happiness in the household, seeing as how Michael won't be up for deployment again and the long hours he works hopefully will stop once the civilian world has a hold of him. But...all is not without a sense of sadness. I am so proud of Michael and his military career even if he isn't all the time. The military brings a sense of an odd sort of way...finacial wise defiantly...emotionally stable??...once in a while if he's not ticked off because of the wacky, insanly ridiculous goings on at work...or in my case, because of deployment. The world seems so scary as we stand at the door of the civilan world. I'm looking at going to work full time as my sweet hubby is finally going to get some schooling in. That's a whole new chapter all together. We'll be seperated once again :( I am looking forward to him using his GI bill...he's earned it...boy has he :) So, let's see what the world will have in store for us in these next few weeks. OCTOBER!!! here we come.

How many days left in Kansas: 41 days left.


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