4 A Ride

It's was a rather nice day today...except for the part that my husband was/is on 24 hr. duty and he wasn't around. I decided to fill some time by taking a short ride with my best bud...we went about 57 miles. The weather was perfect...low 80's with a fair breeze (which is rare for Kansas). I just got back from bringing the husband his dinner...something I love to do...in fact, I love anything to do with my husband (in moderation). Come to think of it, I've only missed one dinner run while my hubby was on 24 hr. duty...and that was only because I was busy repainting the kitchen (urgh). I suppose I should be off to do some housework...I know I'd rather be sleeping, but we can't all have what we want.

Days Left in Kansas: 38

Time flys when you're having fun!!!


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