The Simple Life

I haven't been keeping up with the blog as much as I would like to. I'm on the computer at least once a day to check the bank account and such, but I don't seem to find much to say these days. It was so much easier to find things to talk about while the husband was deployed that, and I was on the computer for maybe 4-5 hours at a time talking on the Instant Messenger. Things are pretty much back to normal...normal being like they were before the deployment...except this nagging feeling that I only have a year with my husband and he's going to deploy again. I think, "okay time, go slow cause by next Christmas he'll be gone again." Truth be told, we're not sure what's going to be going on with our future...whether my husband will be staying in the military or whether he'll be getting out. The job market leaves little to be desired about, but my husband is still ready to part with the Army. Most of his career started before he became a family man, and after a while, the distance, long hours, and deployments makes you wanna find a new work path. It's just a bittersweet decision. We are very prideful in our country, but sometimes the Army doesn't feel like the right path for us. So, we're up in the air...very much so. I'm trying to leave it up to God, but I still wonder if my husband is happy and where we might end up by the next year.

Our sister-in-law Jamie (husband's brother's wife) is pregnant with their second child and final child. (CONGRATS!!!). We already have two kiddos ourselves, but have always planned on having three. Last pregnancy Jamie and I were pregnant at the same time. I'm happy to not be pregnant this time, though I desire greatly to have a third child before I turn thirty :). That's another reason why the job/career decision weighs on my mind so much. Besides, we only have three bedrooms, so that would make for an interesting arrangement in the house we're in now.

Besides all that, I'm awaiting word on my Associates in Arts degree...need to make sure I have all the classes to fullfil requirements. Then I'm going to scrounge around for monies to continue on with the rest of my schooling. I want so desperately to be a counselor...I love the thought of helping others through difficult situations...most other military spouses. This military life is very possible with the right mind set and information.

I'm also going to start writing again, so I'll be posting some new work to the writing website. I look forward to putting up some more posts.


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