The Love of Father with His Daughter

Now it's something else, watching my husband with our son, telling him about the things his father use to teach him etc. All the typical male things a father and son can bond over, but there's something particularly special about watching my husband with our little girl. Many fathers, though by far not all, might desire to have a son...only a son...and get bummed out when they find they're having a daughter, but not my husband. He takes so much pride in being the father of a little girl. It really takes someone special to be the father of a daughter, to wanna hold on to her still when she crying just to try and get her way. Our daughter happens to be a tough little girl, and rarely flinches when daddy tries to scare her...the typical game of BOO! in our house, and she's rarely one to cry when falling down, and when she first saw the deer my husband shot during hunting season, she just looked, investigated more or less. A real man, when given a daughter, will step up to the plate. He will look at his little girl like a precious commodity and know that he is the one that will help shape her future. A father will show is daughter what type of man she should look for and encourage her to strive for the best love you can get out of life. I want our daughter to see the kind of man her father is, loving, loyal, and very much in love with her mother, and we will hope that she will take that into her adult life. Besides that, our daughter's future suitors will have a handful of trouble is he dare hurt "daddy's little girl". It's been amazing and quite funny to hear my husband talk of "not allowing our daughter to date until she's married" or to know that someday teenage boys will come around for "his" Care Bear. Yes, the love of a father is surely something else to experience, especially with a daughter.


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