The Idea of Moving Back Home

So, by this point, it's been decided by my husband and I that we are going to return home to our home state. For the duration of his 15 month deployment we were up in the air about the future of our lives, or the intended path of our lives. But more recently, we've decided that our goal is to get back up to the great state of Michigan, where we were both born and raised and graduated high school together. There are a few bittersweet moments mixed in with making this decision. You come to grow and love the places you create to be your home, or at least, I have. It's the first home of mine and my husbands, and literally where our daughter was born, so that's something that tugs at my heart strings ever so slightly. On top of that, I made a best friend in our neighbor just south of us, and I am going to miss her greatly. However, good news has it, she's ready to pack up and move right along with us. It'll be a couple of years, for she has to save up monies before moving to a state so unfamiliar to her. There are a bunch of small things that I'll miss, but for the most part, I am ready to go back home. To actually live in our home state together as man and wife will be kinda nice. As many military couples can attest, we were married in a court house, far from our family, and even though we knew each other for years and were from the same state, the military just didn't afford us the opportunity to have a home wedding. It was a, do where you are, kinda wedding if we wanted to be married, and we couldn't hold off being married to each other. It was so great moving away from home, setting down on a new path, a new adventure, but it's time for an entirely new adventure, a chance to settle down a bit. It still seems to be some for of military life for us though, yet that part will be kept under wraps until things have actually settled into place. I have learned that no matter how far away you are from your "home" you can make a "home" anywhere with a little will and heart investment. My husband and children have become my home, and those I've met along the way have certainly made a home away from home for me. I've been blessed to experience the independence the military life can provide you and the chance it also gives you to branch out, and learn how to sometimes depend on new people, and befriend new folks.

So, we're looking to settle down on a few acres of land, no less than ten, and have a home where we can be ourselves, and where we can finally have all our belongings under one roof. Excluding of course the pole barn and garage we desire to have, which will have our mobile belongs...or sometimes immobile belongings.


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