Aunt Pat...In a Better Place

So, I've learned today that my aunt Pat (father's sister) passed away. She had been dealing

with health problems the last few months, a turn that very few expected. I suppose with my lack of being with my family other than once in the pass year shouldn't deem me justified to mourn, but I am. She was so healthy the last time that I saw her, and I suppose what gets to me the most is that my husband has never met the great majority of my family, being that I tried to give him all the time I could with his. What I remember the most of Aunt Pat is hearing from my mother how she had been in the delivery room when I was born. At a young age my aunt was stricken with cancer and unable to have children naturally. That didn't stop God from blessing her with a family though. I remember a birthday card from a few years back, reminding me of the fact that she had been there when I was born. It's special to me as it is a memory of her. I'm so bummed ( for lack of a better word), so seriously bummed that I hadn't taken more time to be with my family. The picture from above was at my Uncle Gene's funeral. I spoke with Aunt Pat, as I wanted very much to be seen by my family...want to feel a sense of belonging to my roots. I can't believe I only have a picture of her back, but then, how representative it is of her passing. She's walking away, going up to Heaven.

Uncle Dave, I send all my prayers to you as you battle this and the other hardships and to the rest of the family, I send all my love via the air tonight. I miss you all.


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