As I currently sit in our quiet home, typing away, I am struck with the reality that he'll be home soon. Pardon this, but damn, I wish there was a way to insert a tracking device into my husband so I knew where he was right now. Ahh, I haven't cried in the longest time, I'm just so on the edge, waiting on word. I have to admit, the waiting, has been the hardest part of this whole deployment. I am not just talking about the past "few" months he's been away, but that moment when you're so close and yet, so far away at the same time. It's like when your parents put the presents under the Christmas tree and you can only sit and guess what's inside those decoratively wrapped boxes. It's like hmm, will the phone call come today, or maybe tomorrow? The phone is ringing...who could it be? For the a brief moment, before looking at the caller ID I have this heightened sense of excitement. Yes, yes, this could be it!

Upon speaking to my husband, the few times I was able to, I told him to stop procrastinating and just come home already that this "extended" vacation has indeed extended itself far too long. He told me, "you know, every time I talk to you, you tell me that." and so I reply, "yes, well, every time I mean it." Ah, my sweet pain in the butt husband!!! I cannot wait to be with you my love.

I cannot wait until I am able to sleep again. Oh, I've taken that daily part of life for granted and I so desire to have it back in tack. It's one in the morning and I can't seem to lie my head down...I can't seem to go to the bedroom either. I'm between watching another rerun of Golden Girls or doing homework, which at this moment neither sound real tempting. Now, I am going between writing this little snippet to searching the internet for anything that will keep my attention. It's in vain of course, I'm just stalling before I finally realize I should indeed GO TO BED. Sigh*

I'm so excited!!!! There's going to be a lot of joy floating around in this house real soon. :) Oh, I cannot wait (though the reality of it is, I have no choice:)~


ABW said…
I know that feeling all too well. Even with this being our 4th year long deployment (this one is 15 mths) I still dread those last few days of waiting for that phone call...

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