Patiently Waiting

I am a happy woman...why? Soon I will be making dinner for more than two children who rarely eat enough to make a meal worth it. Soon, I will hear those words, "thanks for dinner dear." Soon, I will settle down on the couch after putting children to bed with a man who makes me feel like I am in Heaven. Soon, I will be brushing my teeth beside my best friend. Soon, I will snuggle down beside my room mate, my soul mate and my goodness, we shall hopefully sleep.

What wonderful thing, marriage is, to be given the best friend and lover who is meant just for you. Though thick and thin, I will stand by my man and we will conquer our children or mountains, which likely would be easier. There will be new adventures for us in the future, but if it takes us here or there, it will takes us as a couple. If there is love and devotion and understanding, we will make it. I have never in my life, until you, been so resolved that life will be what it is, what God will make it.

In addition, no one makes me more furious than you, I must add this so there isn't confusion. He he he, you my sweet husband are the whole package. I cannot wait...well, even though I have to. I love you!


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