Not Much

I've not had much to talk about lately. The online connection between the wonderful hubby and I has been shut down. YEAH THOUGH!!! Good things are coming for us real soon, like the chance to be together again as a family.

Anywho, I've been busy working on the last two classes until I get my first degree, and then I'm on to another degree, the bachelor's degree in Psychology. I am so excited and very much overwhelemed with all the choices that I have ahead of me. I've finally decided on a college and now I am going to be working on scholarships to pay for my next college load.

Well, my mommy has come down to visit us. She'll be leaving tomorrow morning early, so I am off to spend more time with her. The kids have been enjoying Grandma...making cookies, playing outside, and thankfully, she's been watching the kiddos while I venture off to class. But as I said, I am await my husband's call the next day and to spend lots of wonderful time with our kiddos.


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