If I Could Be...

For you I would do anything. I would happily stand behind and let your sun shine. For like the moon, I will have my glow because of your shine.

I will wait.
I will always wait.

Let anyone dare disrespect you or make you feel less than you are.
They will have to answer to me.

I am a very proud wife.
I can hold my head high with dignity. For though I was not born perfect and though I will not die perfect, I will find us perfect together until I draw my last breath.

What you are is immeasurably awesome. What you are is wonderfully intelligent and funny. What you are is charming and loving. You my love take me as I am, refraining from trying to change me.

You can go from me and hold your head up high, knowing that I will be here whenever you return. In hours, months, or years, I will be here for you.

I trust you.

I will comfort you without you having to ask. Baby, I believe in you and together you and I can make it through anything.

I continue to wait for you. I continue to think about all the wonderful things that have yet to come our way, the stories unwritten. I sit at this computer, drinking my raspberry tea, smiling because I am your wife. I am the opposite of unfaithful, for I couldn't dare hurt you. I am the opposite of a liar, for telling the truth to you makes me happy. I am the opposite of all those other spouses we've heard about through this lonely duration. You've made me happy and have given me so many wonderful learning opportunities. Through being with you, I have gained a better understanding of myself and learned how valuable I am. You've given that gift to me, insight, so I could see my own worth. You're right, I could be strong without you, for I am a strong woman, but without you, there might as well be no sun, no air, and no other love for me. After all, there is no comparison to you, my sweet Michael.

We are passion...we are meant by God...we are both stubborn like a pair of blind boars sometimes, but we've got what it takes. Come hell or high water...come happiness and tears...come separation or togetherness...it's you and me babe...through till the end (and then some).

Imagine me, kissing your cheek...kissing your lips after a long day of work. Heck, imagine me kissing you any time of the day, the feeling of closeness that engulfs us. I will close my eyes and press my lips to yours...and all will be right again.

I love you my sweet, sassy, and surely stubborn husband. (oooohh alliteration galore)

P.S. Grey took the photo of me...kinda neat huh.


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