Formaldehyde Will Not Stop Me

So on my way to my parents house I heard a song on the radio that often reminds me of my sweet husband and our wonderful relationship. My folks just got a new apartment, a tiny wonderuful place wiht character I must say. It's much better than the one they were staying in before (no crazy coot living downstairs). To make a long story short, so I can get to the real point, my husband and I bought them a computer desk for Christmas and I thought an added bonus would be to put it together for them. AHHH!!! Well, I didn't know I was going to be highly allergic to the material it was made out of. It's a Sauder desk, nothing too special, made out of particle board, which likely has formaldehyde mixed in the with sawdust to compound it. I thought I was gonna pass out just putting that thing together, needless to say, breathing wasn't an easy task, but like my husband, I am stubborn. I started a project and I was going to finish it by golly. I must admit I had to take frequent breaks to regain my breath...and upon one moment when I was goign to step out for fresh air, I opened the back door only to find a huge cat...EEK! another allergen for me. Clearly, I was doomed, but as I said, I survived. Now the folks have a new, compact computer desk, which I know they really needed and wanted. It's one less hassle for them.

I should have taken photos of the new apartment...all well...another day.


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