The Roadstar

My husband started adding customs to his bike a while ago, meaning last year in 2007. The hyper charger show in the photo on the left was purchased last year in the summer before he headed up to Stergis. Yeah, that's right, he's already been to Stergis, the little snot. He added new grips and a throttle boss, as well as a few other customs. Anyway, here he working putting his new pipes on, a set of Dooleys. He had done a mod 3 on his factory pipes and it sounded pretty dern good, but it was the Dooley sound he was really looking forward to hearing.

So, the pipes finally came while the hubby was over in Iraq. He waited a year and a half to put them on his bike after we had originally ordered them, but we both decided after hearing them, that they were worth it. The sounds is very smooth, and though it has some volume to it, it's not overbearing in the slightest. Although not shown, he also lowered the saddle bags, which balanced the look out in the end quite nicely. Between the fat butt seat or rather, the Mustang seat with cushion for the passenger's tushie, the saddle bags at factory position, and the duel pipes, the end was what my husband and I joked as being "fat". I think it's safe to say that my husband loves his bike. I'm also so proud of him!!!


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