Out of Bed

So Carolyn has been in a toddler bed for a week now. I figured it was finally time. She was likely ready a while ago, but with daddy coming home for R&R I wanted to have as little transitions all at once. I needed something to keep me busy the days after I had to give that wonderful man back to Uncle Sam. So I took to transitioning the crib, into the toddler bed. She wasn't sure what to think of her new bed. Furthermore, she wasn't even aware of the fact that she could even crawl out of it until a few days later. Once I found her beside the door sleeping on her monkey. Then the other night I heard Carolyn crying over the monitor. To my surprise, miss Carolyn was standing beside her bed, fully dressed in pjs, her bikini bathing suit bottoms up to her knees while the top was already around her chest, and her tennis shoes in hand. I told my husband of this and we both had a laugh together. After telling her that she had been crying, and that's what initially caught my attention, he asked why she had been crying. And before I could answer he ask, "cause she couldn't get her shoes on?" Yes, that's right, the little girl, with a shoe fetish, was crying because she couldn't get back into bed and put her shoes on. Ah, ain't motherhood grand and children so funny?


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