In the Gang (August 21st, 2008)

So we finally were able to all go for a ride together. Myself, my husband, Joe, and Miss Raylene. The guys both have Roadstars and myself and Raylene have V-stars, which we love. And so, the trip started off with more than a hitch. Joe's bike was having issues with starting and I was feeling sick, throwing up and I had a back pain that just wouldn't quit. Yet, off we went. First, we headed into town so Joe could take care of the starting issue at the dealership where he bought his bike. It was only after the battery was jumped that we were all able to take off. It was mine and Raylene's first ride in "some what" heavy traffic. I was very nervous, upon feeling like crap, I had to maneuver through traffic as well. Oh boy! We, Raylene and I, did rather well though I think our brains went on auto pilot we were so nervous. I didn't stall out once. And so it was, Joe had a dying battery(duh), which seemed to be a no brainier to both the guys, but for some reason hadn't been caught in any of the three trips Joe took to remedy his bike's situation.
And so, we were off again, to the great city, which has the "Wizard of Oz" museum. (side note* tourist trap and should be avoided). We ate lunch at a great mom and pop resturant (yum, best fried chicken ever!), which I was surprised and happy that I was able to do. It meant my nerves were finally calming down and I was becoming more confident in my riding. Before, I wasn't able to eat before a ride, but now, I have no issues. After lunch Joe headed back to the dealership to get his new battery, which had been set up to charge. So off the three of us went to the local park where I was about ready to pass out. I was so tired and my back was feeling worse than ever yet I was gonna be darned if I was gonna leave my bike and go home any other way than behind my own controls. Despite the pain, the ride was wonderful (the company superb). It was nice to be able to ride with my husband and watch his happiness at being able to share his love of riding with others. Besides that, my husband is such a sweetheart to me. He did his best to take care of me the whole time we were on our ride.

I love the feeling of sharing riding with my husband. Course, he has been spoiling me rotten, meaning he had been wanting a certain bike for a year, and finally got one. I decided I wanted to ride and we bought a bike a month later (my beautiful v-star) and on top of that, he's been wanting me to get custom parts for my bike (how sweet is that). I'm so thrilled to have joined the select group of folks who know what it means to be behind the controls of a bike. Raylene and I tease when we see women on the back of bikes. I know, it's where you choose to ride, but nothing beats being able to move how and where you want to move. I love having the experience that I have had in learning, as much guff as I've dealt with (mostly my own confidence). In my first riding season I put on over 1000 miles and took at least three, nearly 200 mile trips. I've been having a blast and cannot wait to ride with my husband again. He makes me feel more confident as well as at ease when I ride with him. I know that if I need him, he'll be there to help me in a heartbeat, and he believes in me, which is something I really need every once in a while (okay, I won't like...all the time!).


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