He'll Carry Me

If this isn't a testament to my wonderful marriage then I don't know what is. You, my wonderful husband make me feel special and I know, you say it's because I am, but you have a way of really driving the point home. You kiss me, with folks all around, and I feel like we are the only two in the entire universe. You wink at me and I feel like I walking on clouds. You make me feel like a queen. Watching you leave my side, boarding the plane, made me feel like I was loosing a part of myself. I have never loved another human being like I love you (with respect to our children). I feel that you value me not just as your wife, but as a woman and as a mother. You make me feel like I am beautiful. I look at this photo above and think, "my God, he really loves me." Over the weeks you were home, I feel we bonded more than I could imagine. I didn't think it was possible to fall deeper in love with you, to feel any closer to you then I did and do right now. You are a smart, funny, sexy, loyal, driven, caring, compassion, fierce, and honorable and I am in awe that I am the woman you chose to spend the rest of your life with. I am the lucky woman you cared about since high school. I am the woman you chose to be the mother of your children. I am the wife and best friend you share your values with. You have my love from here until eternity. I trust you! I value you as more than just my husband, but my partner and my equal. I cannot beleive God has granted me, little ole me, the keeper of your heart. That God has chosen me to know the beauty of what a marriage can be.
So I say, start carving away at some wood to make those rocking chairs. When I get old, when I get "not so hot" we'll rock back and forth, laughing and talking. I'll look in your eyes and you'll wink at me. We'll sit together and enjoy the simple things in life. I love you Michael. You are my everything, you and our beautiful family give me such a purpose far beyond words could describe.
Love Your Wife,
It's You and Me For Life
**seriously...you'll never be rid of me


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