Happy Birthday My Love (September 25th!!!)

And so it's that time of year again my love, time for me to wish you a happy, blessed birthday. Why blessed? Because September 25th is the day you came into this world. We had no connection, I was still in my mommy's tummy, waiting for my own birth just a few months later, but God had a plan for you and I. A plan you and I could never have imagined. We've had a few rough days lately, but it always remains, I could never be more in love with you than I already am yet I still believe it will happen, I will find more reasons to be in love with you and I will fall deeper.

Yet again, another birthday and we're not together. For some reason, you find a way around it, or rather, Uncle Sam has some other birthday event for you, keeping us apart. I made chocolate chip cookies, yer favorite. I imagined you were walking into the kitchen, moving close to me as if you're going to kiss me, but instead, you steal a freshly baked cookie. You mow it down with a smile on your face as we laugh together. I miss you birthday boy!!! I miss feeling you near me, the small things, the chocolate chip cookies of life :)

And so, My Love, Michael, I say Happy Birthday! Happy 25th year of life, I look forward to spending the next 25 years of our lives together. No matter how many fights, how many tears, how many headaches, how many laughs, how many places we have to go for work, we will do it all together. I will honor you more than just on your birthday, I will love you like I am celebrating your birthday everyday. Thank God, you were born Michael, because a life without you, is not a life at all.
Happy Birthday!!!
P.s. I love you!
Happy Birthday to you...happy birthday to you...happy birthday dear Michael...happy birthday to you!!!


Amy Linton said…
He is indeed a wonderful blessing and you are to him. I wish the big offered more like options. I do not find them fitting. Love you all. Aunt Amy.

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