Had To Get In

It's the first post of August, and I thought I should sit down and write about life here in the big ole Midwest. I've been busy with school, trying to finish up with my current classes (economics and biology) and I've been busy with the daily activities of life (our beautiful children and housework). Soon our little boy will be heading off to his second year of preschool, and I'm both relieved and bummed I won't have him with me the whole day. He loves being in school, loves the social interactions is likely the more appropriate assumption. We headed out to the Western Parade in town a few days ago. Boy, was that the longest parade of my life, and the hottest. However, the kids made out like bandits in the candy department. They had a whole bag full like they had just come from trick o treating.

Then, today, we went to the beach. The kids love the beach. Our little girl is a dare devil and definitely a water baby. We tried out a new flotation device for her, a little swim suit with floatation devices embedded in it ( a gift from her grand parents...thanks!!). It worked fairly well, but seemed to bob her forward now and again. Don't worry folks, I tried my best to keep a grip on her, despite the fact she kept pushing my hand away. And Grey, he kept saying, "I love you mommy!", which I think means he loved going to the beach. :)

There were a few folks that were cursing a bit too loud and too for my taste, so I had to ask them (politely) not to curse so loud because I had kiddos with me. Of course they agreed and apologies, and followed up with their stupid comments as I walked away. Why is this such a hard concept to grasp, you don't curse like a moron in public. I mean, I guess if you wanna sound uneducated, okay, but yer sure not gonna do it in front of my children. Yeah, it's a big pet peeve of mine, cursing in front of children. Ugh, aggravates me. It's like..."Ah, got a litte stupid showing there!!!"

Any who, all in all we had a good day. The kids took their naps before going. Grey ended up not feeling well towards the end of the day and just wanted to go to bed when he got home (big shock!), I had to get him to take a short bath to clean up from the dirty lake water, which he wasn't too fond of, but all went well.

Side Note*
I miss you so much my love. You are the world to me and our two children!!! There is no place you are more meant to be then at home with us. You're gonna love being with us as I know we're gonna love having you home, in our daily lives.


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