They're Gonna Always Be My Babies

The wonders of the modern grocery store. In my day, we had regular shopping carts and you either sat in the top rack where mommy placed you, in the big basket with all the shopping items, or you walked beside the cart, touching nothing. Now a days, they have fancy shopping carts, in the shape of cars. Them blasted things are a blessing and a curse. While it's nice that the shopping cart can hold two or more children at once, they can also be a curse. Take for instance the small shopping trip I took this morning with our eighteen month old daughter. All I wanted was some milk and potatoes. Easy enough or so I thought. The second she spotted them fancy "Rolls Royce" carts a "beater cart" wasn't gonna suffice. So started the crying, so started the refusing to get in the cart, and so started the loud wails through the first half of the store. Now, my heart was breaking, looking at those tear drops rolling down her face, the utter agony of sitting in a regular cart. My best piece of advice to parents with younger kids, no matter how much it pains you, don't give in. I know, the glares of other shoppers can and will sere into your back, but what's more important, keeping other shoppers happy for a short time or your child's well being for the rest of their lives? Now, I concur that if you're in a restaurant and your child is throwing a tantrum you should maybe take the child to the restroom to calm them down and if that still doesn't work, you should probably leave the area all together, but don't give in.

Okay, down off my soap box.

I love my children with my entire being. Their smiles brighten my day and their silly antics make me laugh when usually I shouldn't be. Our daughter is the comedian; she does the silliest things and makes the funniest gestures. While on the other hand, our son is the social "little" man of the family, funny in his own right. He has always welcomed a baby oogler while on the other hand, our daughter stares blankly at them and if it's a male oogler, she's forming tears in her eyes. There are amazing difference between our two children, but they are the most precious gift that I have ever been given. I love em, and no matter how old they are, they'll always be my babies.


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