These Shoes are Made For Living

"God will never give you more than you can handle", my best bud has said time and again when speaking about our hardships.

Through this long journey God has been leading me down, I've had my best bud right next door, lending me her ear when I need it. We've formed our own little "motorcycle gang" since we learned how to ride at the same time, literally, she let me borrow her bike to take the motorcycle endorsement test. I'm not gonna speak of the hardships bestowed upon me, cause I've learned by now, that I'm growing from them little by little. She's right, God won't give you more than you can handle.

Most folks don't know what life it like with a child with a disability, and most aren't even too familiar with Autism. Well, my best bud is, her youngest child has the disorder, a little boy who loves trains and dinosaurs. I've been roared at more times then I can count on my occasional visits, and I've probably spotted more trains and little dinosaurs in one square foot then I'll ever see the rest of my life. I can admit, that before meeting Raylene, people with disabilities was an area I was so unfamiliar with and uncomfortable. It's normal human nature to fear the unknown, but I can say, I'm not so scared anymore. Sure, there are things about her "little man" that I don't understand, but because of this opportunity, I've been given the chance to better my life. I get to experience things many other folks never will. I've told this to her time and again how grateful I am to have this experience to meet her son. She's dealt with headache after headache, but she'd do it all over again in a heartbeat if it means she's a mother to her little boy.

On top of this, she has two other children, who sometimes are more of a handful and fun than should be had. I'm proud of her, and though I'm grateful for the experience, I couldn't imagine trading places or being in her shoes for a day.

Without getting too sentimental, I'm just thankful fer the opportunities God has given me, getting the chance to be outside normal boundaries of life. (if there are such things) This evaluation sums up what I feel about my husband and the life I lead with him. It's terribly hard being without him, my children having to deal with just their mother (boring!!), but there again, I'm learning, and falling deeper in love with the man I married. And so I say to her, even though I can't imagine her headache "what if it all works out?" I'm here to help when I can with what I can.

I love yeah like a sister!!!

P.s. so in this motorcycle gang...should we get matching jackets...he he he? Sorry, couldn't help myself...can't wait to ride again!!!


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