She's Giving Me Trouble

In the last few weeks our beautiful 18 month old daughter has taken it upon herself to fight me on most of what I try to do with her. She's refusing to eat what I give her at any time of the day unless it's milk...she loves milk. And tonight, I tried to put a sock on her foot and she rolled around on me, whining the entire time I tried to dress her. The sock was just the beginning. So thus has starting the real beginning on the "time out" stool. I know she doesn't fully understand what time out means cept she thought it was a game tonight, hopping up off the stool and laughing as I went after her to place her back on the stool. I ended up having to sit behind her for a full minute so that she got (or maybe so) the point of why she had to sit in one spot and couldn't play. Needless to say, I put her right to bed afterwards.

I am not use to having such a little snot of a child. I mean, our son gave me a run for my money, but she seems to be taking the cake. Honey! wait till you get home and can help deal with her. She's on a roll now, and I fear it's only going to end up being more fun than you and I ever expected.

I await your return my partner in crime. Togther we'll teach the little princess who knows how to play the game. Terrible we come :) Though I must confess...she is the most beautiful spitfire I've ever seen. God, I love my two little trouble makers.


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