In a While

I feel bummed that I haven't had much to ramble about lately. The latest and greatest blonde moment I had was running out of fuel while riding my bike. To be fair, I am a beginner rider, and I thought that there were certain specifics, such as, if you could see fuel in the tank you were still good to go. Oh no, that's not the case...the rest of the tank is reserve...goodness gracious me..I thought I knew about reserve, but God has shown me that I have a little schooling left before calling myself a real biker. "thanks God :)" All well, I learned what a bike feels like when it's run out of gas and that I get maybe get 100 miles to a tank. I figure that's good to know for when I go on the long bike adventure with my husband...which I am over the moon thrilled about. Now, if I just shake my nerves off and practice some more, I'll be good.

I keep imaging seeing my him again, my husband of course, and the pure joy that I am going to feel at first seeing him, the glance alone. I'll probably have an out of body experience, I'll be so excited to be in his arms again I'll just go out of my mind. I know that the kiddos are really looking forward at seeing their daddy again. It will be nice to be a family again...well, a family in the same country :)...We're always a family...from here to eternity.

Our daughter is slowly creeping into the terrible two stage. My goodness, does she cry when she doesn't get her way. Poor little thing is the most beautiful girl every, but she drives me batty when she whines. I suppose that's the two kids in general, crying when they don't get their way. Our oldest has started doing it more because he sees his sister crying. I know he's only playing a game though, and stops when I tell him that time outs right over there, in yonder corner. :) ah blessed time out.

For now I wait for word from my husband, telling me that he's going to be in my arms again soon. I know I will be the nicest person on earth...I'll be on cloud nine. In the time I have before he gets home I fill my days with our beautiful children, housework that never ends, and the stack of homework and reading assignments I have to complete each night. Ah honey, I can't wait until you take me away in your arms or at least until I am able to sleep happily in your arms again. That's what I am looking forward to.

You're the man of my dreams, the charming to my prince....the butter to my toast...the left shoe to my "right" shoe...the yang to my yin...all get the point.

Yours forever and eternity


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