I'm BACK!!!

So I am finally the closest to being myself since I can't remember when. Been dealing with headaches and then prescription drugs and family moving out of the house and blah blah blah you name it. Without going into detail about myself, it was kinda rough for a couple of days and I gotta send my prayers out to those who are on the drug I was on...urgh!

I Just finished a fairly successful Biology quiz and a not so successful Economics quiz, I swear, what I read in the books and what I read on the test and quizzes doesn't seem to correlate. All well, I'll just work harder then I guess. The silence after I get the kiddos to bed really helps. I haven't had that since a little while after the sweetheart went away, but it's bittersweet, I love my folks.

And hey baby, I believe, it's you and me, duken it out, worken it out, stressed out, and maken out just fine together. Just wanted to tell you that. I love you sweetheart. This ones fer you!

Night Night world...I'm going to dream land.

P.s. I put this picture on "my love" to show you how I feel about you...I feel happy, I feel hopeful, and I surely feel giddy like a child.


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