Hey, It Was a Good Ride

So nothing too new has been up in the great Midwest. Took the bike out the other day to practice some clutch work, and I'm thrilled at the results. I didn't stall out once! Okay, I lied, I stalled out in the driveway on the way back....half way up...cause I got all excited and ahead of myself. I headed out to practice near the local chocolate factory then decided to take a quick ride to the next town over. It was about ninety or so degrees, not too bad, but it was alright.

Now, to illustrate how human I am, I was heading back towards the house, and just about ready to turn onto the street I live down. Well, the wonderful county is digging up the sides of the road...plowing it or whatever it is they're doing, throwing dirt into the road. Well, me being the beginner I got nervous making the right turn onto my street, went too wide (turning on dirt freaks me out!!), and ended up in the culvert riding up over someones driveway. But no worries, I kept the bike upright and my wits about me. That's likely the reason I stalled out halfway up the drive. The bike is doing well, took my rowdiness like a champ. I know, I am so nervous about sharing that bit of dorky information, but I'm a beginner, and I am learning as I go along.

The thrill of riding hasn't reached its full potential for me yet. I'm so nervous when I get on my bike, wanting to do the best I can. I'm excited and so nervous to ride with my husband. Goodness...hope I don't look like a dork...okay, I'll look like a dork I am sure, but hope I do well.

Until then...the next ride is coming up in a few days. I cannot wait!!!


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