He He He, oh those silly comments

So our son informed his grandmother the other day that when daddy gets back, he's getting another baby. Even better yet, the other day, while I was watching "Lullaby Time" yet another great movie from the Baby Einstein collection, he informed me that he wished he could have that baby...the tiny little angel fast asleep in a bassinet. Hmm, I beginning to see a pattern here.

When I asked, to his wanting the baby, "you do?"

He informed me, "yeah, I want a boy and a girl and another boy and a girl..."

So the total new babies he wants either equals a brother and sister or four more babies altogether. He he he...kids say the funniest things. There certainly isn't going to be a baby when daddy gets home unless our four year old son knows something I don't.

See honey, isn't he the funniest little guy?


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