Budweiser, the Great "whose" Beer?

Okay, so my husband has brought it to my attention that Budweiser has been sold. So Bud, you gonna take off all them commercials where you state you're the "great American beer?" I get that some folks might not really care as long as the beer taste the same or the price stays the same, but I guess it all comes down to loyalty. I'm not even a beer drinker, but this whole transaction sure left a bitter taste in my mouth, that our economy is so flustered it has to sell off American icons. I dunno, just seems a little sad to me. Besides, now my husband's gotta find a new beer, and who do you thinks gotta hear about that (no offense hubby).

Follow the title above to a link about the actual transaction. It's InBev...same folks who produce and distribute Becks.

I send my sincere regrets that you've lost yer beer my sweet husband...and to you...all other loyal Bud drinkers. I'll get you that stash you asked for sweetheart, I promise.


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