Don't Eat the Paper! That's a Fortune Cookie!!!

Alright, gotta tell you honestly, I don't have much to really say...cept keep the faith. I know, I gotta tell myself that on occasion, but I believe it. I've got a list of things I've got to work on about myself, a list of things that I've been working on, and a list of things I'm sure to loose along the way. I've been rearranging the house since the folks found their own places here in town. It's been a great way to keep myself busy. Course, I don't suppose I need much of that, busy work, cause I've got plenty. My life's not dull, I can sure say that with full honesty, and I wouldn't change it for nothin.

Oh, thinking about the dern near past year since the hubby's been out of the office :) or maybe he's in the office and refusing to come home. All well, either way you look at it, he's been away for a while, a little too long if you ask me, but I couldn't be more proud of my man, and I couldn't be more proud of myself. I give all other military spouses my love and all PROPS!!! Without speaking about myself, yall rock, for the those that came before me, you rock!!! and for those who will one day fill the military spousal shoes that I fill'll someday rock!!!

By the grace of God, I have been given this chance to learn and grow, to stand by a man who I love more than life itself...minus our beautiful children of course. It's you and me baby!!! the rest of our lives for sure, and it's gonna be tough...emotionally tough...not so sure bout the physically tough part, but I'm sure I'll end up beating you up :)

I send all my love!!!


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