And They played...

We went to our local park for a fireworks display. As I assumed, both the kiddos weren't too fond of the fireworks. One took to crying while the other took to quietly clinging tight to my neck. I suppose by now I am use to this, and I am wondering if I shall take them to see fireworks next year. The answer to that is "most likely", seeing as how my husband likes to get together with his buddy to enjoy some good old fashion "pyro techniques". What is it about lighting things on fire and shooting them in the air that brings out such joy in grown men? All well, as long as he's happy and not burning down the house, I'm okay with it.

Before the show, the kiddos enjoyed playing in the park and wearing themselves down. I am not sure who it wore down more, me or them. After we got home, my son informed us.
"I'm oughta here, Kansas has too many fireworks."
Oh, the poor child :) I suppose one day he'll be right along side his dad, flicking the switch on a lighter and watching the home burned fireworks go shooting in the sky or whirling on the ground. All well, till then, he'll be a little boy not fond of "pop pops" as he calls em. I am in no rush for him to grow up.
I love the Fourth of July. To be honest, I think it's one of my favorite holidays even more so since being married to the military...okay sweet husband :). I get such a sense of pride in our country and yes, gas prices are high and we're spiralling towards a recession (if we're not officially in one already) and a lot of Americans are not fans of our president, but look at the great nation we come from. Everything in this world is not perfect, but it's true, things could be worse. That doesn't mean I believe that we can't make improvements, but it starts right at home, with each and every single American. I was watching Glenn Beck and he stated something along the lines of "we should stop looking towards Capital Hill to fix everything and look into our own lives" after all, a tree starts with a seed. Okay, stepping down from my soap box.
Note* the title above should link to a facebook album of the children playing at the park before the fireworks show. Enjoy!


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