What is Love?

What is love, really? I've completely fallen in love, with my husband and my two children. So, why am I pondering what love really is? I've been having trouble falling asleep since my husband went away, so naturally, I think. I think about everything as I try to fall asleep. I think about seeing my husband again, I think about how much sleep I could get if I just fall asleep at midnight...one...two in the morning, and I think about love. We see images daily on what love looks like, but deep down, what does it entail?

Love- as defined by Merriam-Webster is a noun, not a verb as in to do. It has a few meanings, in which is #2: warm attachment, enthusiasm, or devotion .

So, does this really answer my question? No. Is love an emotion, something we an turn off and on? Can we love like we are happy or sad? I use to think that love was a choice, that you choose to love someone, but in having children, I learned that love is something I do without thinking. I love like I breath air. And then enters my marriage. I love my husband with such intensity, and I could not imagine "falling out" of love with him either. Sure, things get hard, we argue and disagree, but through it all, I love him. Many people leave their once significant other, saying that they've "fallen out of love", but it makes me wonder, did they really ever love them at all? People can fool themselves into thinking they've fallen in love, find sexual attraction, but the love I have found with my husband, I couldn't imagine being without it, it's like the love I have for my children, I begin to do it without thinking. So what is love then, something we end up doing without a thought, a mysterious entity that overcomes our body? I suppose now, I don't care if I know exactly what it is, just as long as I feel it.


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