String of Luck!

Ah, the luck I've had since my husband went away is outstandingly (probably not a word) horrible. I've had more things go wrong in the last eight months then I've had go wrong in a life time. Now, I am not saying that my life has been full of great luck where everything great seemed to fall at my feet, but it wasn't like it is now. In the last three days alone, things seem to be breaking all over the place. (*knock on wood please) The most recent was my PC. Had that thing since 2003, so I suppose I got a great deal of use out of it, but come on, did it have to go now? In December, after a nasty ice storm, I was left out of my house for a week, had to replace a windshield (twice), our water heater, the carpet in the dinning room started molding, then my bike and all it's issues, my computer, and then recently, things have been falling from the rafters in our garage (okay, one item fell, and damaged my husband's front right side reflector). So, needless to say, luck hasn't been that great lately. However, I do have great luck overall. I married the man of my dreams, have two beautiful children, a house to stay safe and warm in, vehicles to get me where I need to go, and even though my luck hasn't been great, I have all those things to count on. And if the world went down the drain, I would still have the love of my family. I tell everyone, I will go through everything over again if it means in the end I get to meet back up with my husband. I suppose God knows that I can handle all the little imperfections thrown my way, so I laugh at the utter lack of shock I have when something goes array and "roll with the punches". There are others who have worse luck than me, so I am thankful that I have been given the means to take care of business when business comes knocking. Thank God for the little things and the wonders he does give if we only take the time to realize the gifts.


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