Let Me Tell You

I have no big words to write tonight or heartfelt lines that I need to spew out. I am just a woman trying to get by in my daily life. I am a mother who takes care of her children on a daily basis. I am a wife who get's by in life while her husband is away.

I need to say, to my children...though they cannot read this. You are loved. You have come into this world with a mother and father who loves you with the largest amount of love possible, infinity love. You are beautiful in every way and have added to my life ten fold. I could not imagine doing a more important job than being your mother. Since the first moment you were placed into my arms, I loved you. If there is one thing I want you to learn in this world, it's that you are loved, that my arms will always be open, no matter what mistakes you make along the way. Do I say this because it is the right thing to say, party, but mostly because I cherish you as the gifts from God that you are. I love you Grey...I love you Carolyn.

And to my husband. We have taken a journey together that I wouldn't change for the world. Life for us thus far has not been easy, but as I've heard wisely stated that "anything worth fighting for is worth keeping". You and I together will make it. After all, we've made it this far already. The gifts you have given me are wondrous. I am here to be the shoulder you lean on. I am here to laugh with and grow with. I am here to love you and hold you close to my heart when you think things couldn't get more ridiculous. You have shown me that sacrifice is a beautiful thing, and not something everyone gets to experience in their lifetime. Imagine us, back in high school together (McClintok's Biology), drawing the mock up of what our child would look like. Imagine someone telling us that we would fall in love and be inseparable and indeed we would have that daughter we drew together. I love you Michael, with every single fiber of my being. I love you so much, these words are not enough to express what I will do for you.

Thank You, my family...I love you all.


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