January 29th, 2005

I wrote this entry before the first deployment.

When I see other couples in the supermarket I get jealous...and I wonder if the women know how luck they are. Oh sure he might just be beside her picking out groceries and throwing in the occasional witty or annoying remark, but does she realize how luck she truly is? To have someone to love in the first place is a beauitful thing, but to share that love everyday is even more amazing. I returned home from Kansas and went to the store just down the street...I was missing Michael terribly, so I was in a less than happy mood...there was a younger couple...not far from my age I presume...she was standing with her boy friend or whatever he might be. I was alone, getting something for dinner, and there she was, leaning her head on his back, and they were talking like they hadn't another care in the world. I just remember this feeling I Had inside...it was like I was angry...why couldn't he be going away instead? Then I wondered, making myself even more upset...I wondered if she knew how lucky she was to be able to have him near. Oh how much I would have loved to take a small trip to the store with Michael...how important every minue is when you love someone and that person really, truly loves you in return. One day, I'll be that woman, leaning my head on Michael's back as we stand in the checkout of the grocery store. I love him, and I pray for him to stay safe.


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