It's the Opposite of Big

What really matters in life? Many people strive for a big house and fancy cars. It's the cliche that women want diamond rings and flowers whenever possible. However, that person is not me. I am thankful for the house my husband bought me, the car my husband purchased for me, and the motorcycle I ride (whenever I am not fighting with it), but the truth of the matter is, the little things matter. I take pride in being able to sit and talk with my husband, shoot the breeze, and know that I am having the time of my life. When I make dinner for my family, I take pride in hearing the thanks from each and every one of them (minus the baby, she can't talk well yet). *And as a side note, when my husband returned for the first time, everyone wanted a piece of him, and rightly so. They wanted to see their family, their kin who had just returned from a long stint overseas. In all the hustle and bustle, he would do one thing. When he was crowded by people, answering their questions, however many times asked, I would sit back and watch him. Periodically he would look over to me and wink. That wink sent my heart fluttering and a smile right to my face. I knew, in all the chaos and all the attention he needed to direct other places, that I was their for him. That wink meant the world to me, the small amount of time it took for him to look over at me, acknowledge that I might not have been right at his side, but that I was right there for him, in eye shot. It's the small things in life that really matter, when all is said and done, when your life has come to and end, it's the little things that make the life whole. I don't ask for roses or expensive jewelry. The way to my heart is not through money or gifts, but through the time and dedication it takes to give me that one wink. I am young yet, but this one thing I have learn, and I will take it, pass it along to my children, and pray they learn the same thing.

*I wait happily Michael, for the time when we can share those little things together. When I can take pleasure in your smile, when I can take pleasure in being in your arms once more, or when we can sit out in our (your :) garage and shoot the breeze. Though I do not need fancy jewelery, I look down at the engagement ring and wedding ring on my finger and smile each day, knowing they were from you, that you put them there.

I love you!


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