I remember when

I remember when we were in high school together and we rode in your 84' Ford pick em up truck. Do you remember, cruising around those back roads of our hometown (yeah, I claimed it)? Do you remember the feelings you had when we were together back then? I think of how nervous you made me feel, and how crazy I was for you back then and how that love has grown tenfold. I remember leaning against your Ford truck on the property and the way I desperately wanted you to kiss me like the world was coming to and end. I remember shooting guns with you and hunting for mushrooms...and I remember dancing along side my car after an evening with you, after feeling your lips against mine. I wish that now, your lips pressed against mine so tight that no one could pull us apart, not even an army.

I remember sitting next to you in Biology class. I always looked forward to seeing you that Kent City baseball cap of yours and those crazy waves that made up your hair. I looked forward to talking and laughing with you. God sure does have an interesting way of fulfilling his plans. He brought us together then apart, and finally back together again. We've gone through emotional hell together. We've been separate and brought back together more times than I ever wished for, yet I wouldn't change our life path's for the world. Except, I would ask for more time with you. I would ask to kiss you more and to laugh with you more. I always want more of that.

I remember the heartache I felt the first time we were separated. I remember wondering how foolish I must have seemed to you back in high school, but now I gasp at the love I know you feel for me. The way you look at me in love, utter true love. I will strive to always be the best wife I can be for you. My sweet husband.

I hope you have a wonderful day...I hope that you have a wonderful night's sleep...I hope that all your moments are filled with happiness and that you can smile ten times a day too.

Most of all...I love you.


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