I am writing this at eleven something at night. I figured it wasn't our exact anniversary yet, but I couldn't go to bed without pouring my heart out to the man I love. Another year has come, and I am still married to the man I love...to the man who makes me laugh...to the man who makes me wanna throttle him sometimes.

We sure don't see eye to eye sometimes, but imagine our lives if we hadn't found each other again. I imagine myself living without you and it's a thought I have to push from my head like lightening strikes...quick...fast...and without another thought to it ever being there. You have given me a life I could have only dreamt of...through the hardships...through the happiness...through ever little thing, I have never stopped being amazed that I have found you. I drive you nuts sometimes with the way my emotions run...and you fight so hard to deal with me...when you have no understanding of why I am crying when I do or why you said one thing yesterday and I laughed, but today it brings me to tears or anger.

You love me...little ole me...with the roller coaster emotions and the stubborn streak that makes you wanna just pull out all your hair. You love me, the woman who cries when there seems to be no reason...who can get defensive at the drop of a pin. You love me. I look at you, knowing you're not perfect, by no means babydoll, but you are this ray of light for me. This man I look at and I wanna get down on my knees and thank God that he gave me you. I am so proud of you, so jealous with how wondrous you are sometimes. My husband, the honorable man. My husband, the man who would walk through fire for me...for anyone in need. My husband, the man who has so many people that love him, that wanna be near him...you're my husband, the man who got down on one knee and proposed that winter day out on Ford Lake Road :) You drive me to such intense emotions sometimes, but you keep me alive...you keep me fighting to make myself better.

I love you!

Here's to another year....

I love you!

From: Mrs. Michael Rice :)


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