Father's Day

There is no end to Father's Day
When children work and grow and play

For all his energy is spent

To make his lad and lass content.

His goal is always high for those
Whom he must feed and furnish clothes;

Guide and teach, protect from strife -

He fathers them, and loves his wife.

Days per year -three-sixty-five -
On every day he is alive

To needs, demands, to children's plans,

And when they grieve, he understands.

For you he works 'till all worn out;

So, gather 'round, and really shout,

To tel him what you have to say -

Express your love, on Father's Day.

To him, each day is Father's Day;

So pay him honeor as you may -

I like to think your home is blessed

By DAD _who's never second best!
Clem H. Block
We love you Michael and miss you so much! And to our dad's, we love you both "Happy Father's Day!"


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